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Oltreoceano - cover

978 88 99593 26 1
WORDS 65.000 approx.

Sara Zanelletti

Giulia is six years old when first sets foot in a dance school. She’s there to please her mother, to meet new friends and to fill the melancholy childhood days otherwise spent dreaming of the future. But this very moment sends her down an inevitable path and ignites her passion for the cruel and redeeming art of dance.
After many years of contests, television appearances and long international tours, Giulia boards a plane. Destination: America.
In this dispatch from Los Angeles, Sara Zanelletti recounts the loves, dreams and disenchantments of this ambitious young protagonist as she struggles with the uncertainty of a life in the arts. From childhood dance classes with her ruthless teacher in Piacenza to the blinding spotlights of sunny Las Vegas, from afternoons at the disco to the cocktail parties in the Hollywood Hills, from her rowdy childhood friendships to her loneliness in a foreign land.
And yet, the Atlantic will not be the only ocean that Giulia must cross. Life presents us with endless waves, storms and bright skies before we can reach that destination which perhaps, after all, is only within us.


A student of dance from the age of six, Sara has spent most of her life on stage, travelling around the world. In 2002 she danced in the musical I dieci comandamenti directed by Elie Chouraqui on tour in Milan, Rome and Southern Italy. She was praised by critics and audiences alike for her performance as an antagonist in Gaetano Triggiano’s Tablo, directed by Serge Denoncourt. An artistic turning point came in 2008 when Cirque du Soleil cast her in Criss Angel’s show Believe at the Luxor Theatre in Las Vegas. Two years later she moved to Los Angeles to cultivate two other passions: acting and writing. She returned to the stage as a soloist in the show The Lost Garden, wich toured Shanghai and Seoul between 2013 and 2014. She currently divides her time between Los Angeles and Milan while working as an Italian language coach and consultant for managers, celebrities and singers.

Voglio giustizia - cover

ORIGINAL TITLE Voglio giustizia
978 88 99593 28 5
GENRE Memoir
WORDS 45.000 approx.

Sabrina Prioli

«I was able to escape.
I’m one of the privileged.
And I want to take full advantage of that privilege.
I won’t stay silent, I must speak out in rage.
I won’t stop, even though there are no rocks to cling to
As I sink deeper into this abyss.»

Sabrina Prioli retraces the path of more than a decade in her life, from a terrifying earthquake in L’Aquila to coordinating humanitarian aid projects in the Columbian departments of Amazonas, Cauca, Chocò, Putumayo, Valle del Cauca and Vaupés. In the department of La Guajira she created a foundation and through her work witnessed the misery of those indigenous communities tormented by armed conflict and discrimination. From the poorest regions of South America to the remote riverside villages of the Amazon rainforest, Sabrina made her way to civil war-torn South Sudan and suffered a brutal assault inside the compound where she was staying with aid workers from all over the world.
Despite her deep inner wounds, Sabrina courageously becomes a voice for millions of those victimized by abuse by undertaking legal proceedings which are still ongoing. I Want Justice is her cry against silence and indifference.


A sociologist, professional coach, and trainer for both non-profit organizations and government institutions, Sabrina Prioli has been overseeing international humanitarian projects for over twenty years. Her early work as a researcher in the academic world eventually led her far away from Italy, into the hidden malocas of the Amazon rainforest, and the yellowed rancherías of Columbia’s La Guajira desert, from the slums of Latin American to the enkangs of East Africa. In 2011 she set up a foundation dedicated to conserving indigenous culture and tradition in Guajira and strengthening the social standing of women. Her efforts are focused on trying to rebuild the lives of those broken by war, hunger and misery, and empowering abused women to feel worthy of a better life.

Fulgore della notte - cover

ORIGINAL TITLE Fulgore della notte
978 88 99593 22 3
PUBLISHED 30/09/2019
WORDS 46.600 approx.

Omar Viel

A book of magic, and magic is the enveloping writing.
If you come in, prepare to deal with the mystery and overbearingness of miracles.
If you are lucky enough to get out of it, you come home with a smile.
― Gian Luca Favetto, author of Si chiama Andrea

«I am the fantasies with which I satisfy myself.
I am the figments with which I duel.
I am the illusions that I fatally allow myself.
More real when I fade away than when you hold me in your arms.
More real when I don’t talk than when you listen to me.
You can only have me if I am not there.
My name is Una.
Are you still there, Gordon?

Gordon Wilson should not have been in that house. Inebriated by the charm of a young stranger, similar to his wife Una, he accidentally sets a fire, and from the flames, the sinuous figure of a tiger slips into reality. Gordon escapes, leaving his family disoriented.
It is a witness passage, the one with his daughter Liz. She travels from Bristol to London looking for his father to finally discover ancient wonders and unveil the mysteries of the Wilsons. Past and present are intertwined in the symbology of specularity. A journey of bizarre encounters with ethereal characters, in balance between the world of the visible and invisible, between a tangible universe and an imaginary one.
An existential, physical and literary journey, with an intrusion into the poetical.
A composite novel in which a generous tribute to the English Romanticism is grafted. We are invited to let go of the moorings of reason and abandon ourselves to the dominion of the possible.


Omar Viel studied Conservation of Cultural Heritage and works in communication within various fields, including art. He was a finalist of the Italo Calvino Prize in 1992. Omar has published short stories in Nazione Indiana, Nuova Prosa and in the anthology Venise, collection Bouquins, published by the French publisher Robert Laffont.

Ape bianca (nuova edizione) - cover

978 88 99593 21 6
PUBLISHED 10/06/2019
GENRE Memoir
WORDS 12.700 approx.

Valentina Villani

There are loves that need to be shouted, even when it is too late.
For Valentina Villani this love is a heartrending song full of poetry.
― Paolo Valentino, author of Tu salvati

«Like Hector and Andromache, we were mutilated.
We had no arms for a last goodbye, nor a gaze in our eyes, no hope nor certainty.
Yet even dead leaves can gift each other one last embrace
before crumpling to the ground.»

The premature loss of a parent is a painful, staggering event. Whoever experience it may undergo a cruel dissociation from a deep part of themselves, sto the point that thought and emotions seem to collapse into a meandering, inescapable vortex, like the inside of a seashell.
And when the relationship between mother and daughter is complex, intricate, conflicted, yet intimately profound, the sudden absence might reveal itself in all its brutality, evolving in a devouring spiral of uncertainly.
Experiencing the birth of a child of her own while going through the fatal illness of the mother leads the author to a place suspended between life and death, a kingdom of opposites, stifled by an oneiric atmosphere.
Her words evoke the strenous exploration of herself in search of the void left by her mother, once present yet detached, affectionate yet evanescent, and of the broken, painful relics she left behind.
Thus, the introspective analysis of remembrance becomes, in this way, a chance for reconciliation.


Born in Rome, where she lives and works as psychologist and psychotherapist, she has always nurtured a passion for photography that led her chose it as the perfect medium to tell stories about life, pain, profound feelings and social statements. She entered several contests and manages photo exhibits.
In 2015 she won a national contest organized by Associazione Il filo di Eloisa, an initiative promoting women’s creative thinking, presenting a five picture project accompanied by a written corpus of works. This project has been published in Lo spazio consapevole (Iacobelli Editore).