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illusioni cherry fox pescarolo

978 88 99593 15 5
PUBLISHED 06/10/2018
GENRE Sci-fi
WORDS 57.200 approx.

Eleonora Pescarolo

A protagonist who is the quintessence of all space heroines!
You will fall in love with this amazing galactic adventure, a combination of brilliant innovation and international sci-fi tradition.
― Emanuela Valentini, author of Grotesquerie

«You are afraid of me bacause you can not control me.
You can threaten me, torture me, inject any kind of drug in me,
but you will never be able to bend me to your will.

Korrar Tammon is set adrift.
Drunken minded by alcohol, continuous fights and the emptiness left by the disappearance of Ireen Devar, he drags himself from planet to planet, in the Wild Space. Undertaking grueling manual labor in the hope of collecting the money necessary to continue his search, he does not accept to surrender to despair. There is nothing left but a fragile hope and the Ruvak.
Yet, one night, Ireen returns to him. She is confused and marked by other horrible physical and psychological scars, inflicted by the Hunter Calhar Redna and the traitor Nardim Shen. Korrar would like to believe that the nightmare is finally over, but something tells him not to trust. Something warns him, under the skin, that a thick net of deception is tightening around them.
Despite the evidence, he can not stop tormenting himself: is she the real Ireen Devar, the woman at his side?
What if everything was just an illusion?


Born near Padua in 1992, since she was a child she loves books, comics and she’s interested in Ancient Middle East’s culture. She collaborated with the Associazione Culturale Comic’s Trip in Rovigo managing between 2011 and 2015 the comic book convention Rovigo Comics: Cosplay & Games and in 2011 and in 2013 the event 24HIC – Ventiquattr’ore del Fumetto in Villanova del Ghebbo (RO).
Since 2012 she has contributed in several anthologies and literary magazines and in 2015 she published her first novel Naltatis – Il sentiero degli Dei (I Doni delle Muse Edizioni).
Cherry Fox is her new and engaging saga.

Giovanna Gazzi Emma Cover

ORIGINAL TITLE Un anno con Emma
978 88 99593 12 4
PUBLISHED 25/05/2018
GENRE Picture book
WORDS none

Giovanna Gazzi

The dreamy atmospheres of her illustrations, underscored by the wise use of watercolors, pencils and original collage insertions, use to echo characters, especially women, represented in a thoughtful depth, in a narrative dimension that leads to the existential roots of the fairy tale of every places and times.
― Anna Malgarise, Children’s Library of Verona

From the scratchy but delicate trait of Giovanna Gazzi, Emma was born: irriverent and playful girl, able to catch the magic of everyday life in perfectly ordinary scenarios.
Emma does not need words to tell the reader about her world of fantasy. Just a pinch of imagination and, watering a flower, this can grow so high as to become the new sun of the year. Or, in the summer heat, it may happen that an ant asks for help to transport a grain too heavy. How sad and embittered those poor little fishes trapped in the autumn puddles seem, who hope to be able to take flight in a water bubble. And do not those snowdrifts seem to feel cold, to which no one has brought a scarf, a hat… not even a nose?
There, curiosity and fancy bring Emma to new discoveries all year long, experienced with kindness, altruism and imagination.


Born in 1970, she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Verona. Illustrator of fiction and scholastic texts, has coordinated reading and illustrating workshops in schools and libraries. From 2003 to 2008 she participated in organizing the International Exhibition of Illustration for Children “Images of Fantasy” in Verona,  for the Štěpán Zavřel Foundation in Sàrmede (TV). In 2017 she illustrated for the French publishing house La souris qui raconte the story Le drôle de chat qui mord, written by Pauline Sauveur and read by Cécile Givernet. Nowadays she currently teaches in art high schools.

Cuori di stelle - Cover

ORIGINAL TITLE Cuori di stelle
978 88 99593 08 7
PUBLISHED 01/02/2018
GENRE Teen Sci-fi
WORDS 22.700 approx.

Perseus Starr

A journey into the universe to challenge a wicked enemy and gather courage, making the stars shine like diamonds in a boundless story…
― Moony Witcher, author of Nina‘s and Geno‘s Sagas.

«Yet, there is nothing natural about what is happening right now.
A black shadow has awakened in the cosmic darkness,
feeding on the burning hearts of stars.

That’s what came up in Elias’ mind as soon as he staggers off the spaceship. Everything loses sense when he sees laser cannon’s shots on the hull of the ess Pegasus, captained by his father Perseus Starr.
Why attack a spaceship on an exploratory mission to the ancient ruins of a forgotten moon on the edge of the galaxy?
Elias does not have the time to investigate, because his father forces him to a precipitous escape into the impenetrable jungle that covers the moon, haunted by haunting probes and enemy soldiers. A dark army chases them.
The same army that assaults the fighters that came to rescue Pegasus, one of which guided by the ranger Jade Blaze, an amazing girl without past and without fear.
Their roads lead to one direction: the ancient ruins of Moonserray.
Once here, Perseus, Elias and the brave Jade will be led to the presence of the last Warrior of the Galaxy, the only one who is able to fight a powerful enemy: Malagon Walar the Vicious, the merciless Emperor obsessed with the search of the Hearts of Stars to obtain… immortality.


Perseus Starr is the ess Pegasus spaceship’s captain and has been crossing the galaxy with his son Elias for many years under the Galactic Federation. What is told in the Fireborn saga was taken from the main characters’ log books and records about these incredible space adventures.

pescarolo braccati cherry fox

978 88 99593 06 3
PUBLISHED 02/12/2017
GENRE Sci-fi
WORDS 40.600 approx.

Hunted (Cherry Fox, #1)
Eleonora Pescarolo

Spectacular! Eleonora Pescarolo wrote an awesome novel! With Hunted, italian science fiction is more international than ever.
― Luca Azzolini, author of Aurion Saga and Volley Star

«But there’s one thing those files don’t say: no one can threaten me 
or keep me in check aboard my ship and live long enough to tell.» 

The Fox Hunt is open again.
After three years of illusory stillness and unnoticed smuggling, Ireen Devar flees aboard the Ruvak with the co-pilot Korrar Tammon, in a desperate attempt to protect what, in enemy hands, could rise tyranny into the Galaxy.
The Siren of Jannar.
The alien crystal that has always been at the center of myths and conspiracies. The past, however, does not give them rest. A tormented past of slavery and oppressions, losses and goodbyes. A past from which the figure of the Slave Hunter Calhar Redna rises, sadistic and unstoppable, and the nightmare of the explosion that has torn apart the body and soul of the spaceship Ruvak.
A past of betrayals, like the one planned by Nardim, once a friend and now a ruthless murderer devoted to the mad Cult of Gaanar.
The reason for everything seems to lie in the DNA of an ambiguous, alien and incredibly powerful creature: a teenager called Nouv’al.
The Fox Hunt is open and Ireen Devar will have to go back and fight.


Born near Padua in 1992, since she was a child she loves books, comics and she’s interested in Ancient Middle East’s culture. She collaborated with the Associazione Culturale Comic’s Trip in Rovigo managing between 2011 and 2015 the comic book convention Rovigo Comics: Cosplay & Games and in 2011 and in 2013 the event 24HIC – Ventiquattr’ore del Fumetto in Villanova del Ghebbo (RO).
Since 2012 she has contributed in several anthologies and literary magazines and in 2015 she published her first novel Naltatis – Il sentiero degli Dei (I Doni delle Muse Edizioni).
Cherry Fox is her new and engaging saga.

villani ape bianca

978 88 99593 04 9
PUBLISHED 01/10/2017
GENRE Memoir
PAGES 82 B/W + 56 full color
WORDS 12.700 approx.

Valentina Villani

«Like Hector and Andromache, we were mutilated.
We didn’t have arms for a last goodbye, nor a gaze in our eyes, no hope, no certainty.
Yet even dead leaves can give each other a last embrace
before falling to the ground.»

The premature loss of a parent is a painful and paralysing event. Those who experience it undergo a cruel disconnection from a deep part of themselves, so much so that thoughts and emotions seem to collapse into a sinuous and inescapable vortex, like the inside of a shell.
And when the relationship between mother and daughter is complex, intricate, conflicted, yet intimately profound, that absence reveals itself in all its brutality, expanding in an atrocious sense of irresoluteness.
The birth of a child during the fatal illness of the mother leads the author to a place suspended between life and death, a kingdom of opposites dominated by a dreamlike atmosphere.
Her words evoke the hard exploration of herself in search of that absence, of that mother once present but distant, affectionate yet eclipsing, and of her relics now broken and biting.
The introspective analysis of remembrance becomes, in this way, an event of reconciliation.


Born in Rome, where she lives and works as psychologist and psychotherapist, she cultivates a passion for photography and she choose it to tell stories about life, pain, deep feelings and social exposé. She entered several contests and she use to manage photo exhibitions.
In 2015 she won a national contest managed by Associazione Il filo di Eloisa, about promotion of women’s thinking and creating, with a project of five pictures and written works. This project is published in Lo spazio consapevole (Iacobelli Editore).

turazzi fragole a novembre

ORIGINAL TITLE Fragole a novembre
978 88 99593 03 2
PUBLISHED 01/10/2017
GENRE Theatre
WORDS 7.300 approx.

Prisca Turazzi

«He challenged me. And he won.
Without moving a muscle, just leaving me fall down before his eyes
and enjoying my imperfection.

Francesca has saw her life fade, failure after failure. She no longer believes in herself or in her own future. It will be through the screen that she will find again a dimension in which she can pour out her own desires and needs. A new fantasy shared with Salvo, a misanthropic and bad-tempered sculptor, who will make her feel for the first time … free.

But will their feelings succeed in surviving reality?


Born near Rovigo in 1992, she takes part actively in the italian publishing world since 2012, both as novel and short stories writer and as freelancer with different roles.

tangredi il giorno in cui mi capitò di morire

ORIGINAL TITLE Il giorno in cui mi capitò di morire
978 88 99593 00 1
PUBLISHED 19/12/2015
GENRE Theatre
WORDS 13.200 approx.

Chiara Tangredi

«The day I died was Thursday. No wonder: I never liked Thursday.
It was not expected for me to die. I missed school. Even if, oddly, that day I wanted to go.
I would have done anything. Anything but dying.

All roads lead to Rome. Just as the lives of every human being lead to only one and final destination. With an inevitable ending, all that remains is to go your own way, and maybe try to lengthen the journey with a few steps.
But then, at nine, it happens to die. All in all, however, the aftermath of death is suffered by the living.
The engine of a moral and ethical change of a little town of our times is the disappearance of an innocent child. A town in which people do not certainly live of morals and ethics and where an ironic cynicism is the hallmark of hot tempered characters, so realistic that they could become real. The illusion of permanence, the incessant passing of time and the evident fact that, in any case, life goes on make the protagonists grow an attitude of resigned tolerance.
Because if it is true that we undergo death, then perhaps it is worthwhile to put ourselves at ease.

A disenchanted text that renews and pays homage to the dark splendor of the Theater of the Absurd, for those who still do not stop exploring the inexorable paradox of not being able to live without dying.

She was born in Benevento in 1989 and her first poetic anthology, Sono come il coccodrillo: piango sul latte versato, was published in 2013. She partecipated in several anthologies, such as Il Federiciano 2014 – Il libro verde, with the poem Non mi lasciare prima dei 100 anni, and Nanoracconti edited by Pietro Damiano (Homo Scrivens Edizioni). She use to contribute to the magazine InStoria and the webzine Italiagiusta.